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TPOMBA is completely staffed by dedicated volunteers. Every week, all across Toronto, our volunteers are making a difference in the lives of families with multiples. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with a great team, give back to our community, learn new skills and feel good about yourself, contact us at info@tpomba.org.

Current Openings


Are you a financial wiz? Is The Count your favourite Sesame Street character? If you said yes to either of these questions, the Treasurer volunteer position might be right for you! TPOM's Treasurer is the go-to financial partner for the organization. He or she would be responsible for banking, cheque writing, budgeting, light bookkeeping, filing HST returns, online payment management and the fiscal year-end financial statement. All of these responsibilities are straightforward, spread out throughout the year and have minimal time commitment. Most months you will spend less than 2 hours on these duties. In busy months following a sale you may spend up to 5 hours.  

The Treasurer also attends monthly TPOM Executive meetings and has the opportunity to lend a voice to the Executive team. Additionally, the Treasurer along with the Assistant Treasurer attend all volunteer shifts at the semi-annual Twice Loved Sales and the annual Picnic to manage cash and payment processing.

Interested applicants, please email Alan at treasurer@tpomba.org or Dina at president@tpomba.org.


Do you have a love for TPOM and feel a desire to help other members survive and thrive in their POM experience? This is your chance to pay it forward! The President takes on the role as our fearless leader, overseeing that our volunteers stay on track to serve the members according to TPOM's mission and values. The President schedules and runs executive meetings, attends major events including the semi-annual Twice Loved Sale and annual Picnic. In addition, the President has HR responsibilities -- supporting volunteers, filling vacancies, delegating responsibilities, etc. The right candidate has a positive attitude, is collaborative and likes working in a team, and possesses strong leadership skills. If you think this could be you, please reach out to discuss this volunteer opportunity. 

Interested applicants, please email  Dina at president@tpomba.org.

Public Relations Ambassador

Do you love TPOM and wish everyone with twins, triplets or more in the GTA knew about it so that they could benefit from this amazing group? Help us get the word out! 

TPOM's PR Ambassador responds to media requests and seeks opportunities to promote the organization in various forms of media: publications, TV, social media. The PR Ambassador helps plan events and contributes to the Executive Committee with a particular passion for promoting the organization.

Interested applicants, please email  Dina at president@tpomba.org.

Social Media Team Members

Calling all social media addicts! TPOM is growing our Social Media Team. If you love reading parenting forums, are all about articles and tips to help parents of multiples, love connecting community and are looking to volunteer from the comfort of your couch - we need YOU. Experience with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), a love of TPOM and a desire to give back are essential. Previous experience in Social Media management (scheduling, writing, administering) is useful but not necessary.

If this sounds like you, let us know! TPOM is a volunteer run organisation, by POMs for POMs. Help us make the magic happen!

Interested applicants, please email Sabra at tpombasocial@gmail.com or Dina at president@tpomba.org.

Downtown/Central POM Leader

Our Downtown/Central POM group is looking for a new POM leader. The ideal volunteer resides in the downtown core or central Toronto and would help plan activities as well as assist with communication through email and on social media with a special interest in appealing to members that live downtown.

For more information please contact, Dina Naiman at president@tpomba.org or Silvia & Danielle at centralpom@tpomba.org.

POMs Director

The POMs Director is responsible for maintaining the connection between the TPOMBA Executive Committee and the POMs (area) groups. The role involves communicating upcoming TPOMBA-wide events and helping POMs leaders direct their own group members to available resources. The majority of the role can be accomplished via email correspondence. In addition, the POMs Director usually organizes a meeting each fall with the POMs leaders. This meeting serves to introduce leaders to one another and the executive, share ideas, and review the roles and responsibilities of being a POMs leader.

The POMs Director role is a great opportunity to become more involved with the TPOMBA organization.

Interested applicants, please email  Dina at president@tpomba.org.

Other Opportunities

- Writers for the Bulletwin blog
- Panelist or Backup panelist for Expectant Parents Nights
- Picnic volunteers (and items for our silent auction)
- Clothing sale volunteers

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