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To all Parents of Multiples – new, experienced, or expectant,

Welcome to our incredible group. Having twins, triplets or more is truly a unique experience and whether you realize it now or not, the most valuable gift you will receive along this journey is peer support. While many of you are fortunate to be able to rely on friends and family for support, until you are part of a community like TPOM, you won’t realize how much you need the additional support system of people who “get it.” They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is not doubled or tripled when you have twins or triplets, it is squared or to the power of 3.

TPOM is your village. Through meeting other parents of multiples (POMs) at events such as our picnic, Halloween party or monthly socials or online through social media, to helping with the financial challenges of raising multiple children through participating in our semi-annual Twice Loved clothing and gear sales and our extensive discount list, there is simply nowhere else that offers this kind of community for POMs in the Greater Toronto Area.

TPOM is run entirely by volunteers. We have been volunteering with the organization since our twins were very little because we believe – in fact, we know - that this kind of service is extremely valuable to parents. TPOM has given us so much to be grateful for including lifelong friendships, advice and encouragement, and amazing experiences for us and our families, so it is our honour to give back.

If you are hesitating to join because you think you don’t need it or because you don’t see why you would pay the membership fee (which works out to about the cost of a cup or two of coffee each month), trust me, you won’t regret joining. If you ask any member, they will tell you what TPOM means to them and how much they have gotten out of it as well as the incredible value of being a member. Most members, ourselves included, say they don’t know how they would have gotten through the early years of having twins or triplets without it.

We look forward to having you join our community and meeting you at the next TPOM event!


Melanie Teitleman and Helen Toguri, TPOM Co-Presidents

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