Here's what a few of our members are saying about TPOMBA:

    “After my first meeting when the boys were three months old, I came home and talked my husband’s ear off for two hours! I had needed so badly to know how other moms of multiples feel and that I was not the only one experiencing it all. TPOMBA has continued to be my “mommy group”, an amazing source of resources, strategies, support and fun! I truly wouldn't be the same mom without it!”

    “I love TPOMBA and can’t imagine what I would have done this year without you! TPOMBA has been a huge network for my family. It has some of the most wonderful women around. Busy moms who always seem to be ready to give a helping hands or much needed advice. Even daddy has made some new friends.”

    “They say ‘it takes a village’ to raise a baby. Well when you have multiples, it takes a village of other multiple parents. I have found endless support, help, advice, humour and shoulders to cry on at monthly POMs meetings and more importantly EVERYDAY through e-mail. I found my village.”

    “Just after I had my boys, who being twins were on the small side, I had nothing to clothe them with. EVERYTHING was too big. We didn't even have hats and I didn't know where to buy preemie clothing. I contacted my POMs leader who sent over a bag of preemie clothing for me. The only thing that made me happier than having clothes that fit my babies was sending them back with some more clothes to pass on. Thank you TPOMBA!”

    “One of my favourite things about being a TPOMBA member is getting the Bulletwin in the mail each month. I love reading about all the interesting and very normal things all the other families with twins encounter. I am amazed that a volunteer organization can put together a monthly publication with articles, photos, poems, advertisements that all relate to my life as a POM. I always read it cover to cover the day it arrives in my mailbox.”

    “Why I’m a member: the Bulletwin, the bi-annual sales, and the fun factor! Plus, in the early years TPOMBA reminds you that others are sharing the same struggles and successes.”

    “I've been recruiting new members from the local parks and the grocery stores...wherever I see sets of twins. I found TPOMBA has been a great help in making me a more realistic mum of twins, helping me to answer questions and concerns about what should I expect at different milestones and how to deal with specific issues and behaviors. Regardless of what anyone says, parenting twins is a whole different ball game…and it’s fun.”

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