Multiples-Specific Prenatal Classes

    A huge factor in effectively preparing for your twins, triplets or more is taking a prenatal class specific to the multiple-birth experience. The money and time you invest in high-quality prenatal instruction taught by a skilled facilitator will be well worth it, as you can learn many inside tricks for a healthy twins (or more) pregnancy, labour and delivery. A comprehensive course will also cover “coming home” and “baby care”, that is, what the heck to do with the little turkeys once they arrive!

    While many classes are taught by nurses or others in the medical field, it may be just as useful to look for an instructor who is a parent of multiples him/herself, as s/he can give you a first-hand account of the special circumstances surrounding twins, triplets or more. Ask what direct experience - if any - the course instructor has had with multiples.

    Topics will generally include wellness during pregnancy, the labour and delivery experience as it relates to multiples, prematurity, feeding (a good class should present a comprehensive, research-based and objective view of various feeding options, rather than pushing breast- or bottle-feeding), gear and supplies, infant care. Some courses include a hospital visit, but these may also be booked privately through your obstetrician.

    Be sure to check whether snacks and water are offered or allowed in the classroom, and enquire to see if the class is held in a convenient location (be wary of stairs and parking issues) at a time that fits your (and your partner’s) schedules. Expect to spend two to four hours in each class (more than four hours in one sitting may be too long for comfort, and will give you too much information to digest!) Finally, ask about the teaching approachundefinedis it “sit and git”, or will there be a practical component?

    Classes Throughout the GTA:

    Mt. Sinai runs a “Preparing for Multiples” class series, designed to meet the special needs of parents expecting a multiple birth. Our classes run on Tuesdays for 5 weeks, from 6 pm to 9 pm. The cost is $240.00. To register please go and follow the link to online registration and payment. For more information you can email us at or call us at 416-586-4800 ext. 2307.

    Women’s College Hospital “Twins and More” prenatal classes... The Antenatal Care of Multiple Pregnancies Centre (ANCOMP) offers a series of four 4-hour classes on Sunday afternoons at their Burton Hall campus. Call (416) 323-6030 for more information or to book your spot.

    Sunnybrook offers the following pre and post natal classes: "Twins and more: childbirth classes" and "Twins and more: babycare".  For more information on their classes, please call 416-480-5368 or visit their online registration page.

    Expecting twins, triplets or more? Check out for multiples-specific prenatal classes delivered in the convenience of your home or office! Ideal for those on bed rest or concerned about H1N1, or for couples who prefer to avoid traffic and parking issues downtown, Babies in Belly is taught online by a certified teacher and mother of twins.(10% discount available to TPOMBA members)
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